A small happiness comes from a clean home.
Wouldn't it be better if you could help clean the earth with your daily wash? Happy Elephant is a completely new type of ecologically sustainable home cleaning products.

Happy Elephant is a next generation detergent that considers both environmental protection and effective cleaning.

The key to Happy Elephant is sophorolipid, a cleaning agent developed by Saraya to be natural and gentle. It is made from a unique process of conditioning raw palm oil with yeast and food based ingredients. That's why it is gentle on the environment and safe to your skin with a high detergency to cut through grease and soil.

Happy Elephant contains NO petroleum-based ingredients or surfactants. The secret is a powerful detergent made from sophorolipids and food-based ingredients with high biodegradability and skin-gentleness. No bleaching agents, fragrances or colors are added to Happy Elephant to be skin-friendly and irritation free.

Additive Free Contains no synthetic surfactant, bleach, colors or fragrance.

Happy Elephant was developed to create a more sustainable and natural households with the use of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil): An international body of palm oil stakeholders unified to develop a standard of sustainable palm oil with considerations for human rights and the environment. Saraya is a member of RSPO.  


RSPO Certified Palm Oil (Segregation Supply System): The most stringent supply chain system of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, completely contained from the plantation to the end user. The Segregation RSPO mark can only be used on products certified to contain only this sustainable palm oil cultivated and processed with consideration for the environment and human rights. We aim to create a full line of sustainable products by manufacturing sophorolipid from RSPO certified palm oil.


Green Palm Certificate (Book & Claim Supply Chain): Products with the Green Palm icon are backed by RSPO certified palm oil produced with consideration for a sustainable environment and human rights by manufacturers that have redeemed certificates for their sustainable palm oil supply. Manufacturers purchase Green Palm certificates to participate in the RSPO program.

Saraya supports the conservation of biodiversity

1% of the sales* of Happy Elephant are donated to support the establishment of the Borneo Wildlife Rescue Center through the Borneo Conservation Trust.
*Based on manufacturer's shipping sales.

Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT): an environment conservation NGO certified by the Sabah government in Malaysia created with the goal of creating a Green Corridor by purchasing lands along the Kinatabangan River to allow wildlife to migrate freely between conservation lands.

A joint project between the BCT, Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) and Asahiyama Zoo (Hokkaido, Japan) was founded to create a wildlife sanctuary in Borneo to care and protect injured animals. Construction for the first section was completed in June, 2013 and the opening ceremony was conducted in September, 2013.

The cleaners we use in our homes run towards the surrounding oceans, lakes and rivers. Biodegradable detergents mean the water will always run clean into the future.

The origin of soap

In 3000s B.C., legend says the ancient Romans would sacrifice sheep as a burnt offering on Mount Sapo. Fat from the sheep and ashes mingled on the ground and the soil of Mount Sapo became known as a magical soil that cleans away dirt.

Development of synthetic detergent

During WWI, synthetic detergent made from petroleum was developed in Germany as a substitute of soap due to the lack of oil, which was the main ingredient of soap. After the 1950s, synthetic detergent became widely used with the advent of washing machines. As a result, these synthetic detergents, which could not biodegrade, polluted rivers and streams with a visible layer of foam.


Synthetic detergent has been improved with the use of palm oil. Palm oil, however, can only be grown in tropical climates, causing the deforestation and lose of tropical wildlife and habitats in the rainforest. While pollution has been reduced, we are facing the loss of tropical biodiversity.


Happy Elephant allows households to coexist with nature in a better way than ever before by the use of natural surfactants*. Natural cleaners made with sustainable materials promote our precious rainforests.

*Types of natural surfactants: Egg yolk (lecithin) used to emulsify mayonnaise; soapberry (saponin), which have been used for cleaning in some communities; and Sophorolipids a natural surfactant made from fermenting vegetable oils.